THECREATIVELAB is a social enterprise with a fundamental mission to provide an innovative retail space for the creative community that ensures a supportive experience and provides access to collective quality resources in an ever-changing marketplace. The company exists to promote and develop creative individuals and companies to achieve commercial exposure and success.


For an average nominal fee of approximately £4 per day concessions who would otherwise be unable to receive high-quality retail exposure will be able to display and sell in a fully staffed environment in a high-profile shopping centre. The basic concept is that we rent space to the concessions which will cover the cost of the running of the shop, including staff.


Services that the concessions can expect to receive are:


  • Highly experienced staff to sell the products

  • Marketing of the shop & individual brands.

  • A Website with concessions information and links to their individual brand websites.

  • Free Card transactions

  • Bags & Packaging

  • Events such as Fashion Shows, workshops & “Meet the Makers” weekends.

  • A monthly statement and payment of sales