THECREATIVECLUB is a comprehensive Art focused holiday clubs during the East Riding school holidays. The aim of THECREATIVECLUB is to enable young people to engage in inspiring creative practical activities in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment.

The participants will be able to take part in a variety of artistic practices including painting, drawing, illustration, pottery, pebble art, photography and woodwork to name a few, all delivered by professional practitioners in their field. THECREATIVECLUB programme is written and supervised by high-level education professionals to ensure a fun and enjoyable yet educational experience.

THECREATIVECLUB allows multiple opportunities to experience an amazing creative summer of fun.

The Creative Club is split into three distinct age ranges; 4-5, 6-10 and 11+ year old. 


(Ages 4-5 years old)


This group is a 3-hour daily experience for the youngest members to participate in hands-on activities to explore creativity and fun in a safe secure, and sometimes messy, environment. The cost for our MINI members is £10 per day and runs daily from 9am – 12pm. Parents are welcome to stay with their children however the event is fully staffed so you are able to leave them if you wish. All staff are fully insured, DBS checked and chaperone licensed.


(Ages 6-10 years old) 


In this group, our participants develop and grow their confidence while engaging with a varied and exciting mix of artistic practices. Each of the artistic sessions culminates in the participants having small pieces of art work of their own making to take home. The cost for our JUNIOR members is £20 per day, running daily from 8.30am - 5.30pm.


(Ages 11+ years old)


This group will work on theme based art projects. These projects will enable them to experiment with various artistic practices while being mentored by a variety of professional art practitioners to develop their creativity and confidence. The cost for our INTERMEDIATE members is £20 per day, running  daily from 8.30am – 5.30pm.